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Din Din is a software company born out of the 2020 pandemic that's dedicated to providing the tools and features necessary for employers to cover the costs of weekly 'Heat & Serve' culinary meals, as a 'Lifestyle Benefits Program' to help attract and retain their most important asset—their employees! We're able to do this by partnering with local, professional chefs to prepare heat & serve meals out of commercial kitchens, and have them delivered to employee's homes or offices on a weekly basis as an employee benefit solution. Our meal related services have been used by clients including: KPMG, Cooley, Marymount University, EverFi, University of District of Columbia, Sodexo, and countless others.

'Work-Life balance' is a phrase that is becoming more important in everyone's life these days. It seems that long commutes, long workdays, and family obligations make it almost impossible to juggle one's schedule to allow time for self-care. At Din Din, we believe that the '6pm dinner hour' is a wonderful gateway to hit the 'pause' button on work related activities and transition to spending quality time with loved ones around the dinner table.

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What makes us unique

What makes us unique

We believe in empowering hard-working individuals and families by giving them an opportunity to take back their dinner time to enjoy with their family and friends. After conducting over 58 focus groups and attending HR (Human Resources) related conferences, we realize that we can truly make a positive impact on the lives of company employees if we provided tools that can manage the entire lifecycle of a weekly 'Heat & Serve' service.

Our Vision

To provide a solution for corporations to attract, retain, and engage employees, while supporting those employee's overall well-being. Our online marketplace is where chefs and customers can enjoy a sense of local community and support.

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Din Din is an online marketplace enabled by a mobile app or website, to manage the lifecycle of marketing, meal ordering, meal preparation, payment processing, meal delivery, and user experience reviews.